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Marika’s War

A True Story Based on the Book All the Pretty Shoes
By Marika Roth aka Marianne R. Klein

This TV series based on the award-winning book All the Pretty Shoes by Marika Roth (AKA Marianne R. Klein), follows the true story of Marika, a daring and clever 13-year-old girl; who manages to elude the Nazis, the Arrow Cross and the Soviet Army using only her wits, courage, imagination, and her fantasies of film icon, Shirley Temple. Marika’s War is a gripping story about a young girl without family, totally on her own, caught in the chaos and unimaginable horrors of war, but who triumphs nonetheless – an inspiring story about an indomitable spirit and beating impossible odds, all while searching for family and a better life.

The Generation Gap

A 70s Live-Action Music-Infused Dramady Movie

15-year-old wannabe pop star, Sofia is horrified and embarrassed when her uptight attorney-mom leaves her in the care of her free-spirited grandmother, a former Follies Girl, who has been estranged from the family for years. With her world now upside down it is only love and music that can pull both young and old together and find a way to incorporate the Big Band sound with rock and pop, thus eliminating the “generation gap”.

Since You Were Gone
(I Threw a Party)


When well-to-do family patriarch, Miklos Webster dies of a sudden heart attack in the arms of his mistress, his submissive wife Eva is left stunned and penniless. While nurturing her pain, she finds a way to express her anger and retaliates in a creative and shocking way. The process serendipitously helps her regain her self-esteem as she embarks on a new life’s journey.

Rain or Shine

Dramady Based on a True Story

A  pie-in-the-sky dreamer gets tangled in a series of risky deals that nearly costs him his life. To escape from his tumultuous life, he becomes a shoe shine artist and discovers treasures beyond wealth. A powerful story with an interesting twist.


A Gambler’s Journey

A Romantic Drama by Marianne R. Klein

Despite their impending divorce, an out-of-luck professional gambler fights for the love of his dying wife and the custody of his child. As a widower and single parent, he faces financial hardship and antisemitism until a chance meeting with his soulmate changes his life.  


All the Pretty Shoes

An Award-Winning Memoir by Marika Roth aka Marianne R. Klein

A gripping story that follows Marika Roth, a Jewish girl who barely escapes her own death, and witnesses the execution of hundreds of Jews on the banks of the Danube River. Relying on her wits, courage, imagination and without parents or family to protect her, she comes face to face with anti-Semitism, betrayal, bullying and sexual predators.

Marika finally escapes Budapest via Paris and arrives in Canada where she grows into a woman challenged by language barriers, terrifying spousal abuse, career roadblocks and kidnappings. Thankfully, along with the heartbreak, Marika finds love, humor, and delightful moments as a model and artist as she continues to learn how to adjust to life’s unexpected curves.

Marika’s War above, is based on the first half of the book, All The Pretty Shoes.

About Us

Marianne R. Klein (aka Marika Roth)

Marianne R. Klein (aka Marika Roth)


Marika Roth was born in Budapest, Hungary. After surviving the brutal Nazi occupation of her homeland, Marika immigrated first to Paris, then to Montreal, Canada, where she worked as a fashion model while studying creative writing and psychology at Sir George William University and at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. She continued on her path toward becoming a writer by taking courses at UCLA and at the Writers Boot Camp in Los Angeles. Marika is a member of Women in Film, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empower, promote, and mentor women in the entertainment and media industries. In addition to writing screenplays, Marika has had several art exhibits. Her acrylic-based figurative artwork has been shown at several private exhibits. She lives in Los Angeles.

Vikki Young

Vikki Young


Vikki Young is a native of California. She began her career as a teacher and later worked in development for both film and television, as well as standards & practices for studios such as Buena Vista International and Walt Disney Studios. While at Disney, in addition to managing animated, live action, original and acquired programming domestically, she was also programming liaison to Disney Channel Asia Pacific, headquartered in Taiwan and Singapore. Finding theatre as rewarding as television and film, Vikki is also an actor, and has been an acting teacher, theatre director, and enjoyed being an administrator at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Hollywood. In addition to producing and developing new material, Vikki currently works as a voice-over actor in film, television and radio. Ms. Young is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Women in Animation, Society of Book Writers and Illustrators (SBWI) and SAG/AFTRA. She lives in Los Angeles.

Jorja A. Brown

Executive Producer

Jorja Brown, also a native of California, is an alumni of Brigham Young University where she majored in Communications. Returning to California, she was hired by the iconic advertising and marketing firm Young and Rubicam as a traffic coordinator, handling a variety of accounts. Leaving Y&R to be closer to the entertainment field, she went to work for Doty-Dayton Productions in marketing and distribution of “Where the Red Fern Grows”, “Seven Alone”, and “Pony Express Rider” to name a few.

Stepping out on her own, she and a partner formed a limited partnership with several investors; they produced and distributed “Where’s Willie”, a family film which was shot entirely on location in Texas using an all-union cast and crew.

Jorja has worked at The Walt Disney Company in various divisions, including Strategic Planning, and Corporate Administration. Domestic Television played a large part in her time there as she was involved in Development, Affiliate Relations, Marketing, Public Relations and Administration. She also worked at Miramax Television (at the time owned by Disney) reporting to the Chairman.  |  © 2020 inKlein Productions LLC